Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Storage

I'm partly writing this post because I can't stand to look at that nasty turkey neck again every time I pull up our blog. Thank you Marshall for that.

A while back I was talking with someone about food storage. I *think* it might have been Avry or my mom, but I'm not sure. We got talking about how the leaders of the church haven't talked about food storage as much lately. We concluded in the conversation that maybe we have been warned enough, and we should just do it.

After Marshall not having a job for 4 months and trying to jump start his business, he is working again as of last month. It's really been a huge stress relief. We don't have a ton of storage space, but we do have more than we've ever had, so we figured we should start somewhere.
The only pantry we have is pretty tiny, so I organized to optimize space in there.

Then we invested in another little stand up pantry, and that really helps.

We got a shelf and a ton of canned goods and foods that our family uses on a regular basis. Marshall's mom always puts the date on her food when she gets home from the grocery store, and I think that's really smart, so I decided to do that. That way, we use the oldest of our storage first.

I then stocked my deep freeze as well.

It's nice to have peace of mind, and now that we've made an investment, I think it will be ok to upkeep monthly. I will just replace stuff as we use it. I still need to figure out the whole wheat thing, but that scares me a bit because I'm clueless about it. I guess this is where I get on the phone with my mom. :)


AdoptionAdvocate said...

I agree. I have had the same converstation within the last month with some of my friends. The warnings are probably over because you can only warn so long. It is time to just make sure it is done and all is well. :) We also talked about how when food storage first started it was a 2 year supply, then a 1 year supply, and now after much prayer I am sure, they said 3 month supply while continuing for a 1 year. That makes me think that we can make it on 3 months no matter what happens, and as long as we are sincerly trying.

Avry said...

Good job Tiff I am impressed! Keep it up.