Monday, April 19, 2010

Rough Day

Every Monday I do a trade in the daycare at our rec center so we can have a free membership. I've been doing it for almost 2 years. It's been a good outlet for the boys to get to play with other kids in a different environment. Today was a particularly rough day. Almost immediately after we got there, some kid had a go at Chandler. See all the scratches around his eyes? I must say I was proud of him for not hitting back after it happened. I think it probably hurt so much he didn't know how to react. He was hit a few other times, and tripped on the playground as well.

Rowan fell off the slide and a chair today too, hitting his head both times. Needless to say, it started off as a rough day for both boys. I think it's all ok though, Chan still felt good enough to make faces like this:


Janaca said...

Ouch!! Wow somebody got him good. How sad! Glad he was still feeling well enough to make faces though.

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

OW! Huggie Wuggies, Tickel wickels and lickey wickeys headed his way. Give them all to him:)

Avry said...

OWCH! Boys always seem to get hurt!