Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love lipgloss. I can't help it, it's sort of an addiction I developed at a very young age. It didn't help that I had an older sister who loves it too. It all started with a Vanilla Lip Smacker on Christmas morning when I was 4 or 5. Good old Bonne Bell. It was in my stocking and I remember feeling so excited to get it. After eating a little bit of it, (remember I was young ;) ), I decided it didn't taste as good as it smelled. I remember rubbing my lips together and the smooth, slick feel. I also loved the smell, alas my attempt to eat it.

I only loved it more as I got older. I remember asking Marshall if he liked girls who wore lip gloss when we were sophomores. He said, "Uh...I guess..."
That was enough for me - I liked lipgloss more because I liked Marshall.

I remember many times trying to talk my mom into buying some on an excursion to the store. Even though I had 30 tubes at home, I wanted more. Guess this might be more of a hoarding problem?

To this day I love lipgloss. I am particular to the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Shine you can get at Bath and Body works. Mint, fresh breath, the shine and a cool feeling on your lips - you can't get much better than that. Goldie & Liplicious are also yummy ones from Bath & Body. 99% of the time, if you ask me I have a tube of lip gloss in my pocket and 5 more in my purse.

Chandler also loves lip gloss, loves to wear it that is. I'm sure he'll grow out of it when he realizes it isn't too cool. I keep a basket on our dresser with lip glosses & chapstick. I've caught Chandler many times applying it to his lips and cheeks. I'm 100% sure he won't appreciate knowing this when he is older.

So what inspired this post? Today I got 3 free Beauty Rush lip glosses in the mail from Victoria's secret. Cherry Bomb, Sugar High, & Strawberry Fizz. Yes, I am in heaven with my yummy new glosses and shiny lips.
Any other lip gloss lovers? What is your it one I am just going to "have" to try?


The Bluths said...

I too love the ones from Bath and Body, although Logan got a hold of mine one day and when I went to put it on I got a big glob of spit out of the tube, yuck!

Jeralee said...

I like the C.O. Bigelow stuff. I had some lemon lotion - C.O. Bigelow this summer... Loved it and blew right through it.

As for lipgloss,chapstick... whatever you want to call it, I only have about 15 tubes of stuff, so I'm not as cool as you. I like the ones that taste like candy, surprise, surprise.

I also like the cheap BonBon tubes of gloss you can get for cheap at WalMart. BonBon also had these little tins of lipgloss. I bought some for the girls, but secretly it was me reliving age 11 all over again.

Jeralee said...

Here is a link to what I am talking about.

Avry said...

Tiff I KNEW I passed something on to you. In high school I had over 100 tubes of different types. My favorite was in a small container that you used to dip your finger in the round one's that you could buy at K-mart (they no longer sell them) they had ever flavor imaginable & I had to have each one! To this day I still love lipgloss & have passed that love onto my daughter. I just ordered 6 tubes from Avon of the flavored stuff & I already have about 40 tubes around the house. A girl can never have to much! But it sucks because Justin hates it when he kisses me he thinks it is "sticky"

Melody said...

I am a big fan of good old-fashioned Carmex. Although I LOVE all the fruity flavors, I spent enough years playing the flute that I found Carmex was the only one I could still wear and not screw up my instrument. But I do have a little stockpile of chapsticks and lip glosses in every room of my house (seriously)and a bunch more in my purse! :)

Hi, I'm Erin said...

Ah, Beauty Rush is my favorite lip gloss of all time! Right now I have Sugar High & Mango something at an easy access point in my purse!

Janaca said...

I'm a big fan of lip gloss too and love the one from bath and body works! How did you get 3 free? You're lucky. I panick if I don't have some with me though so I know what you mean about having several at any given time.

Camille said...

I miss hanging out with you. I never needed to carry my own chapstick... :-)

Amber said...

I have GOT to have Kevin read this post...he thinks 3 in my purse is just crazy!

Only twice have I forgotten chapstick in the 4 years I've worked at the hospital...I almost died those nights.

Aurelia said...

I guess i'm not that crazy about ligloss. I always end up eating it and if my hair is down, it sticks to it. I am tempted to buy some new ones sometimes, but then i remember i have some home.

tiff snedaker said...

For the record, I personally don't understand or like lip gloss, nor does the shininess & glitter of Tiff wearing it, cause any cravings or make me want to be a better man! Reason: I don't like the transfer of lip butter grease to my own lips. I don't even like to wear chap stick. I told Tiff I liked lip gloss so she would like me in high school and now that I tricked her into marrying me- I can come out and reveal the truth! Men, I have one question: Have you ever kissed your wife when she was wearing lip gloss? Arrrrrr.