Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Facts - June

In a way, this blog has been a journal for me. Of course I wouldn't reveal my deepest thoughts as they would be free for everyone to read (yeah right!) but I thought it would be fun to look back on the boys and recognize anything new they've started doing or funny & memorable stories we have about them every month or two. Marshall's mom has always had a journal for all of her kids and it's fun looking back and reading what Marshall was like as a baby and child. So here we go:


* He's started talking a lot more in the last few months. He will parrot pretty much anything we say and is saying 2-3 word phrases now! Yay!

*Although Chandler is far from being potty trained, he's starting to recognize when he goes. Last month when we were in Boise, he was sitting in the back of the car when we had a funny little conversation.
Chandler: "Uh oh!"
Me: "What happened?"
Chandler: "Poop happen!"
Marshall: "It's ok, poop happens sometimes."
Chandler was quite distraught about the whole situation and kept talking about it. Marshall and I were laughing so hard.

*Chan has loved to kiss Rowan from day one and still kisses him many many times each day.

*Right now he's really into: Mickey Mouse, Baby Einstein. Curious George, Sesame Street & Elmo, Swords, Climbing Trees, Books, Spaceships & Cars.

* He is a big eater, especially when it comes to meat. Sometimes I don't know how he can pack it away.

*His treats of choice are Oats & Honey Granola Bars, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, & of course his favorite - Ice Cream.

*He would spent all day outside if he could.

*He can count from 1 to 5 and 8-14.  Don't know what happened to 6 and 7...  He's also starting to recognize his colors and especially fond of green.

*He loves taking baths and getting into the hot tub.

*When he's looking for someone or something he always says, "I find it! I find it!"

*At birth Chandler was 9 1lbs 1 oz & 22 inches. At 2 1/2 he is 29.5 lbs and about 36 1/2 inches.

*Since Marshall has been spending lots of time with Chan, he has definitely become a daddy's boy.  Chan loves to wrestle and go outside with him.


*I thought Chandler was a content baby but Rowan is even better. He VERY rarely cries and smiles a lot.

*When he starts getting hungry he whines and makes a noise that sounds like, "I need - I need!" 

*He's still waking up 2-3 times at night but goes right back to sleep after he eats.

*He's started grasping and playing with toys a lot the last 3 weeks. He's content to lay on the floor and explore a new toy or his surroundings.

*When he is on our lap if we pick something up he tries to grab for it even though he doesn't know why he wants it.

* When he wakes up in the night he's all smiles and grins and coos when he sees us.

*Foods he's tried: Rice Cereal, Carrots, & Green Beans. (Uncle Jason also tried to feed him apple cobbler while he was here this last week and got in big trouble, lol.) Not quite ready for that one yet.

*He is ticklish on his feet, thighs, tummy, neck, and the funny one - the palms of his hands.

*He cut his first two teeth a week before he turned 4 months. (The bottom two)

*At Birth he was 8 lbs 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches. At 4 1/2 months he is around 16 lbs and 26 inches tall.

*He's got hair just like Chandler had as a baby, dark blonde and super fuzzy.


Ashley said...

Those pictures of Rowan with the hood are so cute! It's so sweet the Chandler likes to give his little brother so many kisses!

S. Fantasia said...

I love those pics of Rowan! Cute outfit. Anyhow, this is a great idea that I may have to borrow from you (if you don't mind). A always tell myself that I am going to be good about jotting the boys' milestones down somewhere, and then I don't and those dates come and go. It's sad really, I feel like a bad Mommy about it. But I am a constant blogger so I would be great at doing it on the blog. kudos to you for such a great and convenient idea. :o) LOVE IT!

David and Melissa Belnap said...

Hey guys! We were reading your blog last night, and I said to David..."I wonder which hospital Tiffany works at..." He just told me last night that you were working the night/morning Aiden was born!! I had no clue!! I was pretty out of shock I thanks, you should have poked your head in..everyone else saw me looking my best! HEE! HEE! Good to find you guys on here! Your boys are soooo cute! Funny how times flies!