Sunday, October 21, 2007

The perfect blend of sweet and tart

Apple and Eve is a brand of juice which is quite extraordinary as you will soon find out.

Tiffany decided she needed more juice in her diet so she bought a box of tiny "apple and eve" juice boxes at Sam's club for - of course- a "GOOD DEAL." Ah- the juice was good- average anyway.... until one magical day....
Early in the morning I grabbed a juice box- apple, for yet another typical "nutritious breakfast" before a busy day. I arrived at work- being nearly the only one there at 7am sipping my juice as I went through my call list to sell some super websites.

I began to read the back of the apple juice box - as no one really does. The copy writing to me was actually pretty lame and really cheesy. Then I read it, "... the perfect blend of sweet and tart." I chuckled at the thought and continued my work. Then a few seconds later, I sipped a gulp of juice... then sipped again... then yet again! I realized.... THIS REALLY IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF SWEET AND TART!

From my advertising perspective, I was excited that because of their effective copy writing, "the perfect blend of sweet and tart" I then afterwards realized how good the juice was. If I never read that line- I would have kept drinking the juice thinking it was yet another cheap juice box. But it was so much more!

Thrilled at my new discovery, I turned back to the great juice box and read, "Please contact us- we love to respond." Well, all righty then! So I went to Apple and Eve's website, and contacted them through email. Here is what I said:

apple and eve-

My wife recently purchased your apple juice in a juice box H 228.

I'm in advertising/ business finishing up a bachelor's degree, and with the
# of projects I do in seeking research - I thought you'd appreciate a

I thought the juice was pretty good. Knowing my wife and her buying habits I
assumed it was a "cheap brand" that I never heard of before. The juice was
pretty good- the first couple juice boxes anyway. Then while at work, I was
reading the copywriting on the back of the box. A portion stuck out to me:
"We blend this juice with apple juice from a concentrate to achieve the
perfect balance of sweet and tart." I thought about it, and as I've been
drinking this apple juice- I realize that it really is a perfect blend of
sweet and tart!

It was AFTER I read that copywriting concept that I realized how good the
juice was. Because the text made me think about it- I went from "a cheap
brand" that tasted all right to "this really is the perfect blend!?"

Anyway- thought it was interesting that the text changed my perception and
helped to me to realize how good it was. From an advertising perspective-
I'd say that is a big clue to future promotion.

By the way- I'm looking for an internship or even a job after I graduate in
the Spring next year. I'd love to work for the brains behind a company that
has come up with such an effective, creative message on a simple juice box.

I'm attaching my resume- it's worth a shot.


Marshall Snedaker

Here was the reply by Apple and Eve the next day!


Dear Mr. Snedaker:
Thank you for writing to us. We love to hear from our consumers and are glad
people are reading our labels and story copy. Our juice is a premium product
and we support our product with a 100% guarantee. Our company is a family
owned company that has been around since 1975. You discovered what so many
people know already. We are all about juice!

Although we do not have any positions currently open, I will forward your
resume to our Marketing department and if there are any openings that fit
your background, we will contact you.

Thanks again for your interest in our product.

Best regards,
Rebecca Aubain
Apple & Eve, LLC
PO Box
Roslyn, NY 11576


Moral of the story: GO BUY Apple and Eve's apple juice- IT REALLY IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF SWEET AND TART! I swear it is. I"m still excited about the juice.



Avry said...

Mmm ok now I can see why you are a marketing major Marshall because after that you had me sold & I want to try that juice! So where did you buy it from?
Awesome post!

Jeralee said...

pretty funny Marshall! That was a good read. hmm... now I want to buy Apple and Eve. And, you have another paper ready for you next creative writing class! WTG!

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Avry he said you can buy it at Sam's Club. Of course when I am up to Tiffany's I will have to try it. It was nice to see you posting. I also like your thought, and writing to the copy and even sending your resume. You never know when something like that will turn into your dream job. Keep up the good work

Laura Howe said...

That is funny, I love reading things written by a good writer. Go work Marshall.

Camille said...

That is awesome! Way to go Marshall! It is fun to have you post, although I was a little confused at the beginning...

Aurelia said...

Pretty cool post!