Monday, October 29, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

Here is one of a few Halloween entries I will do. We had to dress up for bowling and since we bowl in teams of 3, we decided to do little red riding hood. My mom was the grandma & the other gal on our team, Allison was little red riding hood. In case you didn't recognize me, I'm the big bad wolf. :)


Jeralee said...

Love the little Red Riding Hood outfit. And where did you find the wolf costume TIff?

And are my eyes deceiving me - but is mom wearing her temple dress??? LOL that is what it looks like.

Josh & Sarah Teare said...

Okay Tiffany it is ME!!! Oh my goodness your family is growing. You look amazing with a little belly. Oh cute!! Your little guy was so cute in the dragon costume. Fun to play the limbo. You just look great/happy/glowing!!
SARAH AKA Peterson

Avry said...

oh man that picture is priceless! Good sewing job mom! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this halloween tiff!