Saturday, October 13, 2007

27 weeks

27 Weeks today! I took some belly shots last week but I did them myself and they looked very blurry, alas I haven't posted since 23 weeks. I'm already starting to feel uncomfortable. He balls himself up on one side of my belly, head butts my bladder and then kicks me in the ribs. I never felt like Chandler was up in my ribs and I do with this baby already. What's funny is that the side that he isn't on is super squishy. He still has all this room, why doesn't he take advantage of it?, lol. I feel like I'm starting to really pack on some weight too. I weighed myself at work last week and had gained 8 lbs in two weeks, bringing me to 158....oops! Guess I should lay off the sweets. I'm glad I don't have a scale here at home, I think I would be obsessing over it even more. I haven't heard anything about my glucose test from last week. I guess no news is good news. My next Dr.'s appt is on the 19th.
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In comparison, here is Chandler at 28 weeks.


The Bluths said...

Did you go tanning with Chandler or something? Or is that just the lighting because my natural belly is butt white.

tiff snedaker said...

Yes, that was the summer we were in Minnesota, I didn't work and I laid by the pool all day long baking Chandler :) Now I'm all white and stretched out so I choose not to expose my belly now, lol.

Jeralee said...

the tummy is always larger the second time around. The skin is all nice and stretched out - so your body just goes, hey I know this!

158 is not bad at all. Remember your dear sweet sister that hit 223 at nine months with her second. :-)

Lay off the sweets? Never!

Camille said...

8 lbs in 2 weeks- nice job! You are so brave posting all the belly shots (well, not that brave because you look great)! Any names for this little guy yet? Besides Gus?

Aurelia said...

I agree, the second time your tummy get bigger. Though I must say you look small, to me.. maybe its just the picture. I felt huge at 27 weeks. I carried both my girls really high, so I can understand the kicking in the ribs.. no fun at all.

You look super cute! and at 158 you're doing good!!

S. Fantasia said...

I have to admit, I am not bigger my second time around. I must've indulged more with Dean - haha! I had an appointment with Dean where I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks also! YIKES! (However, I just kept eating the same so I must not have been that concerned). You look great, who cares what that scale says. P.S. eat a turkey-BLT for me at Millhollow, I've been craving one SO bad!!