Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Wow, what a weekend! We had big plans to do lots of things, but ended up not getting to do as much as we would have liked. Saturday, Marshall & I planned on going to the temple. We were both
up for quite a while on Friday night as neither of us felt very well. Saturday included upset stomach, nausea, headaches, & body aches. Luckily, Chandler didn't get it, but he did get to watch a whole lot of tv that day. Sunday we still weren't feeling great. Yesterday, my mom & dad asked if we wanted to go to the state fair with them. We decided that we were feeling well enough to go so we thought it would be a good idea to go down. Chandler really wanted to ride next to grandpa
in the Yukon - wishful thinking :) We got down there at about 6:30 and boy was it hot! We looked at the animals & although Chandler was intruiged, the smell was getting to me. So, onto the commercial booths and best of all - the FOOD. Marshall had a huge double cheeseburger & I settled for some fries and a frozen lemonade. We wandered around more & Chandler rode the carousel with dad. Yeah, and it cost $5. That's the fair ripoff for you. We honestly go to the fair for the food, so before we left, we had a tiger's ear (huge yummy scone w/honey butter), cotton candy, & a huge, HUGE ice cream cone which Chandler is proudly displaying in a few of these pictures. Chandler was hilarous with cotton candy. It was the first time he'd ever eaten it and I don't think he was a big fan. We had to force him to try it and even then I don't think he could understand why he was eating something that looked like cotton, lol. He kept throwing it on the ground and ended up with a blue beard of cotton candy.
My stomach didn't feel very good after all this fair food, but I kept pushing it off, thinking I would be fine. We decided to leave at about 10 and headed to the car to go home. After being in the car for a whole 5 minutes, I knew that fair food wasn't going to stay put. I asked my mom if she had something I could throw up in and everyone started scrambling around the car to see what they could find. My mom found some gallon sized ziplock bags that she keeps in the car for grandma. (After taking grandma on a few different trips and having her get sick, my mom was sure to be prepared) I didn't want to gross anyone out, so Marshall suggested we put some music on to block out the gagging...he suggested "something soothing" As soon as I felt the urge, my dad turned on the radio and out blasted "Fun fun fun" by the Beach Boys. You would not believe how loud it was. It wasn't exactly the "soothing" music I was hoping for. Everyone was laughing hysterically, & I was puking like crazy into this bag while crying & laughing at the same time. I finally looked over at Marshall with tear streaked cheeks & puke all over my face and he just laughed harder. Chandler couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing, but was forcing himself to fake laugh. We stopped to dispose of the bag, which I'm sure had EVERYTHING I had eaten that night in it, got a bottle of water and headed on our merry way. I felt great the rest of the ride and don't want to go back to the fair until next year.....

Check out this ice cream cone!

My goofy mom & dad

Blue Beard

Wow! Check out those rides!


Aurelia said...

wow that sounded like fun. I love the pictures. I haven't seen a picture of mom and dad in over a year. lol
Your boy loves.. loves.. ice cream.
I can see your belly now. You look really skinny and cute!
Love the picture with Chan and Marshall looking at the rides!

Laura Howe said...

You guys havew so much fun, it makes me miss the fun that Idaho has. I have never seen am ice cream cone that big!! I could eat one of those I think. You look great!!

Avry said...

It's about time you updated! I laughed so hard at your story of puking in the bag.. Everytime I hear the beach boys I think of dad. Glad you had a great time at the fair. Makes me miss Idaho too! Get feeling better Snedakers!!

Unknown said...

ha ha ha... that was a funny story! I hope you guys get feeling better- and I'll make a note for future reference- Fair food and pregnancy don't mix! Oh, cute pictures too!


LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Thanks for the laugh again! It was pretty funny with the Beach Boy Song and poor Tiffany puking and we are all laughing so hard. Chandler was so cute with everything. Thanks for letting us share these momemts.

Jeralee said...

Oh that's hysterical! Fun, fun, fun and puking in a bag. Those are the stories that make blogs fun. I have been in that situation before, but my theme song was not "Fun,fun,fun" by the Beach Boys. so sorry Tiff. I am still laughing over that one.

S. Fantasia said...

I love the Idaho State Fair (any state fair, really). I always have to get a "tiger ear", although they are called elephant ears in Washington. Another guilty pleasure is the beer-battered onion rings. Haven't had those since my pre-mormon days, but I'm sure all the beer cooks out anyways. YUM! Sorry you were sick. Pregnancy is such a joy sometimes (sarcasm). :o)