Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tag - Guess I'm it!

Tagged by Stephanie....
so I have to post some info on myself.

Here's how it works...
1. You have to post these rules before you complete the "middle name" facts.
2. Players must list one fact (that is somehow relevant to their life) for each letter of their middle name. Those who don’t have a middle name should use the middle name they would have liked to have had.
3. Once tagged, write a blog post containing middle name game facts.
4. At the end of the blog post, tag one person for each letter of the middle name. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog for rules.

D - Decisive, which I am NOT. Honestly, I will stand in the candy isle for 20 minutes trying to decide between 3 different candy bars. Most times I will buy them all, lol. I also have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning so most days I don't get out of my pajamas ;) Ok, so that's a lame excuse, right?

I - Intelligent. I think I'm intelligent, I always did well in school. However these days I kind of feel like my brain has gone to mush. Talking in a high pitched voice and saying words like Wawa & poop have ruined me. I am a master at toddler talk though & that definitely takes intelligence.

A - Athletic. I've always considered myself athletic (when I'm not carrying around an extra 50 lbs & an extra person inside of me) In high school I swam on the swim team & qualified for the state swim meet in the 100 breast stroke! I also cheerleaded grades 8-11 & danced my Sr. year. I took gymnastics & dance most of my younger years and even did pointe' for 4 years. I still enjoy being active and love to exercise and sweat. Makes me feel like I've accomplished much :)

N - Nurturing. This is one I didn't realize that I had until I was a mom. It's one thing to be around children & to have one of your own. I didn't realize how easy it would be to cuddle, comfort & laugh at Chandler. I think Marshall has also made me a more nurturing person as I have watched what a wonderful, great dad he is. He's extremely considerate and always doing something for others. I hope this nurturing will grow even more as we expand our family.

E - Eating - I HAD to do eat for this one. I love to eat. But mostly - I love candy :) I have to have candy or ice cream around the house or I think I will go crazy. I love anything sweet & it loves me. I've been on an orange juice kick lately and I can't seem to get enough. I had borderline gestational diabetes with Chandler so I'm sure drinking a whole pitcher of orange juice a day isn't going to help me. I also love potatoes and a good steak with A-1! - I could go on for hours!



Avry said...

Whaaaa? You didn't tag me??? -It's all good.

Jeralee said...

WOW! Sounds like my pregnancy with Moura. The last two months of that one I was drinking a whole picture of orange juice a day also. DEJA VU!

Ah Tiff, my candy/kindred spirit. We were meant to be in the same family.

Aurelia said...

i'm with you on being indecisive! for the life of my I hate making decisions.
It's true about nurturing.When you have your own kids you see life with different eyes.

Camille said...

This was actually one of the more fun tags I've seen, and you will be surprised to know, I actually did it! I laughed when I read yours- you are one funny girl!

Aurelia said...

that was fun to do! you'll have to check out mine.
I love stuff like this where you can learn new things about people.

S. Fantasia said...

I am totally there with ya on the "decisiveness" or should I say indecisive. Devin and I will drive in circles endlessly trying to decide on a restaurant to eat at - what a pair. We both always have the same response, "I don't care, what do you want?" I think the real problem is we both DO care and don't want to be disappointed. Haha