Friday, September 7, 2007

Pudding...yum yum yum!

So in doing this post, I am reminded of a song my mom always used to sing:
"Oh the big red letter stands for the Jello company!
Oh the big red letter stands for the Jello company!
Jello, Jello - Yum yum yum,
Jello, Pudding - yum yum yum
Try all three!"
I'm wondering how many of you have ever heard that song? Today was like any other ordinary day. Chandler was enjoying his lunch of chicken nuggets & apples. I decided he needed some pudding and he was obviously ok with this. He's doing really well eating with a spoong lately and has become a pretty independent eater. I left him alone for a few minutes, and here's what I came back to: He was happy, messy & thrilled at the fact that he would be getting in the bathtub!


Aurelia said...

That is too cute!! Don't you love when they drop things on the floor!

Avry said...

He is so calm the entire time! I would go nuts with pudding up my nose like that! ROTFLMAO!

Jeralee said...

those pictures are soo funny! Very cute. I think I painted Avry once with chocolate pudding when she was little. That didn't go over well with mom.

shelda said...

This is very cute. How do you do this? We had a lot of fun at Bear Lake with you all. Glad we do something every year together. Hope that all is going well with you and the baby. Chandler is getting to big. Love to all.
Aunt Shelda

Camille said...

Now if that isn't a happy little boy, I don't know what is! He is so cute!

Camille said...

PS- that top picture in the last entry is pretty cool- Marshall is brave!!!

Laura Howe said...

I love pudding, I think Lydia would like it too. I think we'll try some pudding one of these days.