Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding a Balance

It's quiet.  The boys are in bed and the only thing I hear is the humming of the fan next to me.  It's a great time to reflect and think.  Over the past few years, I've had a hard time finding a good balance.  You see, I tend to spread myself too thin.  Realistically, I work 2 jobs between ultrasound and blogging, and that doesn't include the job of a mom which is another full time job.  Then I find myself immersed in hobbies like exercising, or wasting time on Facebook and other social media websites.  A few weeks ago, I told Marshall I needed to set some goals.  I've never been good at prioritizing, keeping my house clean, spending enough time with my boys.  I've always been good at saving things until the last minute and being lazy.  I definitely dislike it when I look back on a day and feel failure because I didn't get anything accomplished and the boys watched too much TV.

So, as part of goal setting, I needed to find a balance.  I downloaded an app on our computer and my phone called Wunderlist, and I started making lists.  I have a list of daily housework, a list of weekly housework, and a list of blog posts.  Then I started scheduling things out on the calendar.  I realized how quickly the boys were going to be out of school and was determined to do a lot of fun things with them.  So I'm making lists and being structured.  This is a BIG thing for me.

Over the last 2 weeks, my laundry has been caught up every day, my kitchen clean for the most part, the rest of the house in pretty good order.  I've given myself allotted times to blog and social network,  time to exercise and time to be with my boys.  I've created a calendar of what we will do each day of the week all summer long, made quiet themed boxes for them and planned hour by hour.  I've spent more time playing, coloring, snuggling and being active with my boys.  It's a great feeling.

I know a new baby is going to throw the balance off a little bit when she comes, but for now I'll call this a little victory.


Janaca said...

I'd call that a HUGE victory! Seriously, nice work. With today being the last day of school I've wondered what we're going to do all summer long and how I'll keep everyone happy and occupied. Sounds like you're miles ahead of me! I know all too well how crazy life can get and you do SO much. You're such a good mom. Good luck and I'm glad it's working for you already!!!

Dave and Candace said...

Hi Tiffany, this is Candace, married to Marshall's cousin Dave. I have loved reading your blog lately and seeing your cute baby updates. And I just wanted to say, that I think you are amazing!! As I've read how you finished school, work, run your blog, and everything else, I've been so impressed by your motivation.....and just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me:) And congrats on getting more organized and spending more time with your kids! I think so many of us have that exact same struggle, including me:)

Snedakers said...

Way to go! I love making lists, we just sat down last night with the kids to plan out the summer. I have a the same problem, but I think you are doing great. :)