Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well Child Visits

We went in for well child visits this week.  Chandler's 7 year and Rowan's 5 year.   They are both growing great and are both 50% for both height and weight which is right where they have been for years.

Height: 43"
Weight: 39 lbs

Height: 48"
Weight: 49 lbs

The boys were both great and were very patient.  Remember this post from last year?  Rowan was much the opposite as he was at this last appointment.  At that point, his pediatrician was pushing us to see a child psychologist and get a diagnosis for Rowan.  I didn't feel that it was necessary at the time and wanted to see how he would do in the school's program before labeling him.  We saw a different pediatrician this time and although he could see Rowan's delay a bit, he didn't seem concerned that we needed a diagnosis.  Rowan has made SO much progress over the last year.  He was patient with the Dr. and didn't even flinch when he had to get his shot.  I think it goes to prove that sometimes mommy intuition is better than a horrible 10 minute dr. visit.

From the moment we went back to the room, Chandler told me he wanted to go into the xray room so he could see his bones.  He was disappointed when I told him that it was only for kids who have something broken or a problem.  I talked with the ped on how Chan has been having small accidents during the day over the last 3-4 months.  Chandler feels like it is involuntary and can't help it.  The Dr. decided to do an xray of his tummy and Chandler started jumping up and down and cheering.  The xray showed that Chan is just basically so backed up with poop that it is causing his bladder to spasm, which causes him to involuntarily leak sometimes.    Poor boy.  What's interesting is that the pediatrician says he has this conversation at least 3 times a day with parents.  He says it's almost always diet related, which is scary.  A lot of diseases are diet related and I know we need to make changes now.  I know my kids have been picky in the past, but Chan knows better and he's not getting the option anymore.  Chan and I had a discussion on how he needs to eat more fruits and veggies.  He seemed open to it and last night was eating clementines before bed which is a huge win for me since the only fruit he will normally touch is apples.  We are having him go on a cleanse this weekend with miralax and ex-lax.  I work all weekend, so I assume Marshall will be staying close to home with the boys.

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