Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Island Park

Only a day and a half after we got home from California, we headed up to Idaho to stay at a cabin in Island Park with Marshall's family.  I had to work Sunday and the plan was to head up on Monday morning.  Rowan had been sick the day we were coming back from California and Chandler and I were lucky enough to get it from him.  Needless to say, our plans were delayed and we didn't get up there until later Monday night.  Luckily, we all felt much better and were able to really enjoy ourselves.  The cabin that we stayed in was absolutely beautiful.  We spent our time visiting, eating, playing games and just being with each other.  One of the highlights was playing sardines late at night.  It was a big enough cabin that there were endless hiding spots.  It was funny trying to wander around in the dark to find where people were hiding.  The boys loved playing with their cousins and we had a few fun filled days.

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