Saturday, November 5, 2011


Halloween this year was fun! Chandler got to dress up for his parade at school that day. Then that evening we went trick or treating. This is one time that I love living in town homes. The homes are close together so there's less walking. We went for about an hour and the weather was absolutely perfect and warm. Marshall sat by the door to give out candy while I went trick or treating with the boys. My sister had a witches brew party a few weeks before so I already had a great witch costume. I dressed up and a few people didn't recognize me. I think it was the blacked out teeth. Nice, right?

The boys were both transformers, bumblbee and optimus prime. This was the first year since I've had kids that I didn't have any say in their costumes. Chandler didn't care at Rowan's age since he didn't have an older brother. But because they like everything alike, they both wanted to be Transformers. (I forsee some duplicate toys at Christmas so that everyone is happy.) The boys loved coming back and helping hand out the rest of their candy. I actually think it was their favorite part.

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Melody said...

So cute! I feel so cliche saying it, but seriously, how did they get so big so fast?!?