Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chandler's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Chan's birthday on a few different days. Marshall's parents were supposed to come down the weekend before, but ended up not being able to make it. I had already ordered a cake for Saturday, so we decided that we would celebrate anyways. Chan woke up Saturday the 29th early in the morning screaming that someone was hurting him. He must have slept wrong on his neck because his neck was hurting him the entire day, he couldn't even move. That changed a few of our plans since he basically stayed in bed until 4 in the afternoon. Marshall still went to pick up his cake though and he got to open his presents from us when he was feeling better. He got a Spiderman figure and the Cars edition of Sorry! The rest of the night we laid low and played his new game.

We celebrated again on the day of his actual birthday. He got to open his presents from his grandparents. Grandma & Grandpa Snedaker got him some Pokemon cards, a folder to put them in, and a Pokemon game. That folder with those cards hasn't left his sight since. Puppy & Papa Nielson sent $20 so that Chan could go pick out a present. He ended up getting a Joker toy that goes with his Batman Imaginext stuff. We then went to Planet Play and played on their arcade games, mini bowled, and Chan played laser tag with Marshall. Chan kept asking me that day when he was going to turn 6 because we weren't celebrating? I finally realized that he thought he had to have a party with lots of friends in order to celebrate. I told him that we don't have a party with friends every year and this year we were just celebrating with family. I guess I just don't want him to have expectations every year of a party. We ended the night at Coldstone. Still can't believe he's 6.

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