Friday, August 12, 2011

Nielson Family Reunion 2011 - Bear Lake

This year was our 2nd annual Nielson family reunion. If you remember, last year we rented a house on the Oregon coast. This year, we spent 4 days in Bear Lake. We rented a beautiful lodge very close to Bear Lake. We spent the days boating, eating, hiking, going to the Minnetonka caves, going for Raspberry shakes, playing bocce, crafting, watching movies and more. It was such a fabulous vacation and so nice to see my siblings and parents. I had over 250 pictures after I'd gone through and deleted over 100, so I'm going to share some of my favorites from each day. And since a 4 day vacation post would get quite long, I'm going to break it up by day. So here is some from Sunday night when we got there, and Monday. I realized I didn't have a lot of Chan on this day, but I think it's because he spent a lot of time on the boat while I was on the beach taking pictures.

My dad's reaction in this picture is funny. It was really a lot darker, we were out by the fire roasting marshmallows.

My beautiful sister who lives in Oregon - I hadn't seen her and her girls for a year. Isn't she pretty?

Rowan totally rocking my sunglasses

We tried to get a picture of Marshall and I, but the f-stop was set really low on my camera, so instead it's focused in on Rowan, who appears to be thinking. :)

The tube of terror! Fun stuff! Lia, Avry, Me Cheryl (My sister & Sister in laws)

Geoff and Cheryl spent all of this time making my nephew Kaden into a merman. Ha!

The first of 2 days that Rowan napped on the beach. Notice anything out of the ordinary?

He got buried in the sand and fell asleep about 5 minutes later. He stayed like this for over an hour!

I call this picture "sand toy"

My niece Maeli

Pretty shot of Bear Lake from the beach


Stay tuned for Tuesday pictures....


Shaylen said...

That was so cute how he fell asleep buried in the sand! What a great location for a family reunion.

Jeralee said...

Awww.... thanks for the nice things you said about me! Love ya. I got a kick out of how enthusiastic you were about my nose... out of everyone, anywhere (UT/OR)!

Great picture of Maeli on the sand. Acutally they all turned out great with that fancy camera of yours. Loved the one of Rowan thinking. He really does have a poker face. I got him to smile at me a few times, which I considered a success!

Dad's expression was priceless. It must have been in reaction to one of the grandkids, I think.

And "sand toy" I think that was one of our buckets, had a crack in it, and ended up in the garbage. It was vintage, like 7 years old. ;-)