Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thankful Post

I've been feeling sorry for myself the past few days. I did something seriously bad to my back and really need to get into a chiropractor. I've been trying to ride out, but I think I need to get adjusted, massaged, something! My treadmill that I've been so excited for came on Wednesday. The UPS freight guy said he couldn't bring it inside my door, so he left a 225 lb treadmill on our doorstep. It was in a huge box, and I mean huge. That evening, I attempted to help Marshall bring it in. I'm not the strongest person in the world but I figured I could try. He turned it at an angle, and asked if I could lift the corner just a bit. Famous last words he said to me?
"Lift with your legs and not your back."
I didn't listen and lifted as hard as I could with my back. I felt kind of a crunch/pop, and it sent me to the floor. I was hysterical and I don't think Marshall could tell if I was laughing or crying at first. I had the sharpest shooting pains just barely to the right of my back. I sat on the floor bawling, unable to move. We were supposed to watch a baby for some friends in our ward and he showed up to drop her off right about then. He helped Marshall bring in the treadmill like it was nothing. It took me another 15 minutes to get up on the couch. Getting up the stairs later that night was no treat, and I woke up so much. Marshall tried to talk me out of going to clinic the next day but I wasn't sure when I would make up the hours, so I went. My clinical instructor had me keep ice on it all day and the pain was alleviated a bit while I was walking around. It was feeling better and then I bent over in the shower yesterday and it almost felt like something went out of place to the right again. Hard to explain. Anyways, my back is super sore again, and I'm going to hopefully get into a chiropractor and get a massage on Monday. That's my sob story. But wait - this is a thankful post right? So among all of my griping, complaining, pain, and feeling sorry, it's nice to remember the people and things to be thankful for, so here goes:

1. I'm thankful for a great husband who spoils and loves me. He does so much it's ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder how I lucked out.

2. I'm thankful for 2 sweet boys who call me mama and can melt my heart with a simple glance.

3. I'm thankful for this sister who listens regardless, is a second mom to my boys, and is just plain wonderful. And I'm thankful Dr. Google MD who always knows what's wrong, how to fix it and always gets me.

4. I'm thankful for Jason who would help me at the drop of a hat, and lets me sleep in his guest bed, Clint who's witty sense of humor always makes me laugh, and the Raptor who's always entertaining.

5. I'm thankful for my mom that's up at 6 am to talk me through my drive home from work, always gives a listening ear, and loves unconditionally. Also a dad who is quick to compliment, encourage, and sends notes and card unexpectedly letting me know he cares.

6. I'm so grateful for Sara who lives only a mile away and is more amazing than she will ever know. She's been a listening ear, a helping hand, and my much needed adult interaction.

7. I'm also grateful for Camilliaflower whom I was supposed to be visiting tomorrow but plans fell through. (Fingers crossed for May!) Talked to her on the phone tonight for the first time in a long time and it was easy to pick up where we left off. That's a friend.

8. I'm thankful for church, a warm home, good health, food on the table, jobs, school, and laughter.

I sure have a lot of people and things in my life to be grateful for, don't I? I think this post was therapeutic for me.


Avry said...

Awe thanks for the shout out! You do have a lot of good people in your life :) Friends and Family. I hope your back is feeling better! Hugs toots!!

Camille said...

I hope the back gets better quick so you can come down in May. (fingers crossed)

My thoughts exactly. Heart you!

Jeralee said...

That was a nice post - thanks! I hope the back heals quickly... no fun.

Since being back in school, now people THINK I am a nurse... oh my. I was asked to help out with someone who suffered some minor burns today, BECAUSE THEY SAID I WAS A NURSE!!!

I had to tell them multiple times, "I AM DOING THE PRE-REQ'S FOR THE NURSING PROGRAM. I am NOT in the program yet. That will still be 2 years. I AM NOT A NURSE!!!!" It was all the same to them. LOL

Here's hoping your back starts feeling better a bit each day...

Your's Truly,

Google M.D.

Sara Birch said...

You are too sweet. I enjoy having your boys over every Monday. I actually get more done on those days because your boys keep my boys entertained! Its a win-win situation for both of us. Hope your back gets feeling better soon.

Paula said...

Ouch! That sounds absolutely painful! Hopefully you can get it fixed soon.

Geoff Nielson said...

Glad you got to the chiropractor and are feeling better. Be careful lifting. That was sweet and a reminder what I'm thankful for

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Didn't realize Geoff was signed in on ,y ipad