Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Play a Game

In the short 3 months that I've been scanning, it's unreal how many people say, "How do you know what you're looking at?" Lots of practice people. Lots of practice. 210 clinical hours down - 1490 to go. Another misconception? That ultrasounds are only for babies. Wrong! There is so much diagnostic screening done with ultrasound anymore, and it's incredible what you can see. Another misconception? You can see so much on a baby with a 3D ultrasound. Wrong again. Yes, it's a bit of a dog and pony show. Pictures are cute, you could see cleft palate or lip if the baby had it, but that's about it. Everything diagnostic is done with 2D because you can actually see into the body. And word to the wise - if you are pregnant and go into your 20 week ultrasound, while it's important to you to know the sex of the baby, remember that all of that boring stuff is to ensure your baby doesn't have abnormalities or defects like Trisomy 13, Anencephaly, Down's and MUCH more.

Now let's play a game. I'm going to post pictures. Pictures that you would find in the abdomen and pelvic area of regular structures you would see. Can you guess what they are? (I'll post the answers in a few days.) And I know this will be totally boring to some of you. Knowing my sister Jeralee, she will research to find out exactly what they are. ;)


Camille said...

1. A rainbow
2. Cookie Monster
3. A boot
4. A hole in one
5. Ham


tiff snedaker said...

ha ha ha ha. Those are REALLY good Camille. :)

Danielle Bullock said...

1. Bladder
2. Pancreas
3. Uterus
4. Gallbladder
5. Kidney

I dunno.

Avry said...

Okay I am going to take a stab at this
3.umm liver?
5. Left Kidney

Okay I am probably completely off but thought I would try ;) that was kind of fun but HARD!

Jeralee said...

That was hard.... very hard. I am assuming that every one of my answers are wrong, but here goes.

4.uterus with a 6-8 week old fetus. of the kidneys