Sunday, March 27, 2011


Here are the answers to the pictures. I was actually surprised at how well some of you did. Especially you, Camille. ;) Taking into consideration that everyone is different and scans differently, these pictures are ones that you can see fairly well. Not everyone is this clear cut.





RIGHT KIDNEY (some of the r lobe of the liver can be seen too.)

Uterus and 1st trimester baby were also a few guesses, so here are some pictures of that:

And for good measure....a scrotum. Yes, I just said scrotum on my blog.


Kayla said...

i'm so glad there are people like you who can understand ultrasounds... they all look like alien heads to me!

Jeralee said...

well... I missed the boat on most of those. ;-) But then again, I AM an Internet M.D. and NOT and Internet ragiologist or ultrasound technician. ;-)

Interesting stuff. How fun that you are able to identify this kind of stuff.

Melody said...

I was an epic failure. I did guess the kidney, though, because that's exactly what the cross-section from A&P looked like.

That looks so fun and interesting!

Danielle Bullock said...

I did pretty good! I think I only missed the aorta one... Do I win?