Saturday, June 13, 2009

Children's Gardens

I bought a membership to Thanksgiving Point last year and figured we'd try it out for a year. We've used it so much that it's definitely been worth it, and we'll definitely be renewing it come July. We made a trip to the children's gardens yesterday. The boys had fun looking at everything and of course playing in the water on Noah's ark. Chan was quite the little poser too, and was stopping and smiling for the camera.

Chandler standing by Noah's ark.  

Posing for the camera by the waterfalls

Rowan the pointer.  You would have thought these ducks were real.  He was so intrigued.

The little kid's lighthouse.  There is a ladder inside that they can climb to get to the top and look out the windows.

Opening and shutting the door.  Gotta love his out of control hair, Marsh just buzzed it last night.

Checking out the fish in the pond.

Chandler in the caterpillar


The McClellan Family said...

What a cool place! I love finding things for just the kids, especially when they can just run and play!

linds&lance said...

Tiff your family is so cute!I am just begining this whole blogging thing and it is so fun catching up with friends!