Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Job

I just accepted and started a new job as an Account Manager with Luna Webs (www.lunawebs.com) a high-end website development / marketing services company in downtown Salt Lake City.  I will be primarily seeking new business through both internal and outside sales, but also work on contributing to internal marketing strategies.  We do website development, SEO and online marketing, logo and branding, print design, multimedia & video, campaign development, and advertising services.  There really isn't anything we shy away from.  I'm thrilled about the opportunity and keep pinching myself to check and make sure,  I really am actually doing what I'm passionate about.  The only downside is the commute to downtown SLC, although I've been riding Trax, enjoying some time to read and avoiding I-15 traffic.

CH Robinson was my former job in transportation logistics (A Fortune 500 Company), and although I loved everything about the company and the people I worked with- I began to realize during the past couple months that it just isn't what I'm passionate about.  Reluctantly I gave them my noticed and they were surprisingly understanding and supportive about my decision to leave.  Tim- our SLC branch manager in particular was very thoughtful, understanding, and willing to network with me and stay in touch.  I was afraid of burning bridges with some great people there, but I fortunately left on a good note, so that made the transition easier.  CH Robinson is a fantastic company to work for.


Mo said...

Congratulations Marshall! You've entered an industry that I'm intimately familiar with. I'd be interested in hearing your adventures with online marketing as that is something I was once required to do but never had the knack for.

I'm planning on doing some moonlighting with my web / graphical skills when I go back to school next January for some extra money. Give me a call if your designers ever have a surplus of work. haha

Avry said...

Congrats on the new job Marshall. Welcome to the world of commuting. Sometimes it isn't great but you get used to it. Good luck on your new adventure I am sure you will do great!