Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rowan's Blessing

The picture on the left is Rowan at his blessing, the one on the right is Chandler at his. They are almost exactly the same age (5 weeks) when they were blessed. I'm thinking they don't look too much alike.

This last weekend has been a whirlwind. All six of my siblings were here and it was the first time we had all been together in almost 4 years. It was fun to have everyone here. Saturday we had family pictures done at Gugelman's and ate lunch at Gringo's. Then Sunday we had Rowan's blessing. Funnily enough I was asked to speak in church this day too. Marshall gave a beautiful blessing and it was an awesome day!

My Dad


Everyone at dinner after the blessing

Brother Geoff & BIL Joe

My sister Jeralee & me

Joe, Charlise (niece) & Kaden (nephew)

My 2 nieces Maeli & Charlise


Family Picture

Rowan w/aunt Natalie

Grandma Snedaker & Chandler

Avry & Lia


Monica said...

He looks so cute. I think they look alike, I think you look great!

amanda said...

what a fun looking family you have. rowan looks so cute.

S. Fantasia said...

Hey, cute pics. I just added ours yesterday. How funny. He looks adorable. Ashley asked me if I copied you by posting, but I posted before you so I told her you copied me. *wink*


Snedakers said...

Cute family! I think they look a bit alike, I forgot just how cute Chandler was when he was tiny baby. Fun times.

Jeralee said...

ahh! I think Rowan misses Aunt Jeralee cuddling him. Good times sis!

Camille said...

I wish we could have been there! It looks like things went great! And sorry sister, but I don't think I would have been able to guess who was who in those baby pictures. They are both darn cute though!

Avry said...

Whew what a busy weekend & week you had! Thanks for coming down to visit after your long weekend. Hopefully you can get settled & some rest after your move & trip to Utah! :) If Marshall needs a place to stay Monday or Tuesday our home is open! :)