Friday, February 1, 2008

Newborn poop

I know I have you all captivated by the title of this post.  Now that I change 15+ diapers a day, I thought I was beginning to appreciate newborn poop compared to Chandler's poopy diapers.  However, I noticed that there are tradeoffs.  For example, newborns have this uncontrollable urge to start going everywhere once they feel the cold air.  Rowan has peed on the wall a few times, on his own face and has had blowouts while I am changing him.  Today was no exception.
Rowan's umbilical cord has been bleeding on and off for about 4 days now.  I called the pediatrician's office yesterday because I wasn't sure it was normal as Chandler's never bled.  They wanted us to come in this morning to have it cauterized.  I guess it's not such a good thing for it to keep bleeding.  I called my mom to come up and help as Marshall had to go down to Idaho Falls and I'm not feeling good enough or ambitious enough to take 2 kids out by myself.  We got to the dr.'s office and the nurse put Rowan on the scale to weigh him.  She didn't bother to take his sleeper off, so he was fully clothed.  He weighed in at 10 lbs 6 oz.  I was a little surprised that he would put on 1 1/2 lbs in a week and a half.  Guess there is a reason he is nursing all the time.  Anyways, I knew he needed a diaper change too so I put him up on the table to change his diaper.  My mom had another diaper ready and I started the wiping process when he proceeded to "squirt" poop everywhere.  I kept trying to wipe him and figured he was done.  Oh no - not even close.  We tried to swap out the diapers and all heck broke loose.  He proceeded to poop all over the exam table, on his legs & feet, and all over his sleeper.  My mom and I were laughing so hard & crossing our legs so we wouldn't have accidents of our own.  Gotta love how the bladder isn't quite the same after having 2 kids.  Of course I didn't pack an extra outfit but luckily he didn't poop on his onesie.  When we finally got the situation under control I was curious as to how much he weighed with just a clean diaper on.  This time he was 9 lbs 12 oz.  Ok - so that's like a half pound drop!  That's a lot of poop :) ( I guess his sleeper probably weighed a few ounces too)  A 1 lb weight gain in 10 days still isn't shabby though!  Why do I have such luck with my kids pooping at the dr.'s office?
The dr. came in and cauterized his cord and told us to start putting rubbing alcohol on it so it will dry out faster.  
What a day - I think I need a nap.


Camille said...

Oh my gosh, Tif, that is hilarious!! The way you described it, I could just picture the whole thing! Rowan is going to be so glad you recorded that for his posterity. My only complaint about this post- where are the pictures?!?

Laura Howe said...

What a great memorable day. This made me laugh. I love it when you get to laugh so hard you almost pee your pants. It is more frequent when your bladder has been through pregnancy. :)

S. Fantasia said...

That is so great. Boys are nototious for this. Although, I have to say, Dean only sis it once and Eli hasn't yet (*fingers crossed*).

Tara said...

HILARIOUS! That is a lot of poop. Poor kid-if he would just stop eating so much, right? I can just picture you guys laughing that hard (Mainly because that's how I do everything-with my legs crossed)!