Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ducks & The Rodeo

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday, Marshall received free tickets from his work to go to the War Bonnet Rodeo in Idaho Falls. That was nice considering the tickets were $20 a piece and I've actually never been to a rodeo, so it was a first for Chandler & I. Chandler loved the horses & calves for about the first 45 minutes. Then he started getting mad until we bought a funnel cake. He loves sweets, a boy after my own heart. We made it almost to the end and saw the fireworks as we were walking out to the car

Today we went to the Nature Park here in Rexburg and fed the ducks & geese. One particular goose became my friend and would come up and try to eat out of my hand. Chan loved the ducks and would chase them and scream at them.


Jeralee said...

You look really cute Tiff! Love the outfit you skinny thing. I WOULD never even know that you were pregnant in that outfit. Not even showing at all!

Did Marshall get new glasses since the last time I saw him? I really like them, very stylish.

Woohoo Chandler, glad you like sweets as much as the rest of the Nielson family.

The Bluths said...

Looked like that goose what about to bite you in the butt!

Avry said...

What a fun day feeding the ducks!! Chan is tooo stinking cute! I agree with Jer- Tiff you look great & Marshall looks great in those glasses!

S. Fantasia said...

well, YEEEEEHAW! (Wow, that was almost embarassing saying that - and I am a Texan now). Anyhow, rodeos are fun, hope you enjoyed. At the risk of sounding like a true 'hick', I must admit that demolition derbies are fun too. If you haven't gone to one, I highly recommend the one at the Blackfoot State Fair. :o)

Aurelia said...

I agree with, Jer you are a skinny "thing" LOL. you don't look pregnant at all. looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm scared of geese(spelling!?). I'm always afraid they will come and bite me.. hehe.
LOVE Marshall's glasses.

Camille said...

Looks like fun! I agree with Jeralee too, I would never know you were pregnant! I am so jealous you got to go to a rodeo. I love rodeos, and to say there aren't many here is an understatement. Not that I could get Jarom to go anyway! (city boy) Glad you guys are doing well! I can't wait to find out what that baby is!! Boy boy BOY!