Monday, July 8, 2013

Cowabunga Bay

In order to beat the heat, we've been doing a lot of swimming.  We have the pass of all passes which gets us into Seven Peaks in Provo and Salt Lake City, but I think most everyone has them and I've heard that it's super busy.  I haven't been brave enough to really brave the crowds so we've been going to some different pools.  We've been down to the Lehi outdoor pool a few times and the boys like that one.  It's got a big pool and a couple of water slides.  I also did some blog work with Cowabunga Bay. They sent us enough passes for us to go a few times.  After I finished the review, they were so pleased with it that they sent us 8 more passes!  We've been twice and will be able to go 2 more times.  I really love this waterpark because none of the pools are deeper than 3 feet.  Both of the boys can touch without life vests and there are a lot of attractions for kids.

This last time that we went, we got the boys snorkel masks from Target.  They were little fishies the whole time and loved it.

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