Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had to stay close to home this Thanksgiving.  I was on call at the hospital for a 24 hour period.  I was debating if it was worth it to go up to my sister's or not.  I finally decided that I wanted to go with Marshall and the boys.  We were able to be there for 3 hours before I got called in and I was so grateful to have that time with our family!  My sister made cute place settings and name tags for everyone as well as a menu.  We ate until we were stuffed and then ate some more.  The next day, we went up to Idaho for Thanksgiving part 2 with Marshall's family.  I had been at the hospital most of the night before we left, so I didn't take my camera and didn't get any pictures while we were up there.  It was a wonderful day though and I'm so glad that we were able to spend it with family.

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