Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Fishes

We are well into summer and a lot of our activities revolve around water.  Since I only go to school/work 2 days a week, it leaves lots of time for me to spend with the boys.  We went to Seven Peaks the other day for the first time.  Chandler can ride on the tube slides by himself which he was thrilled about.  It made it easier because I can hold Rowan on my lap and Chandler will just wait for us at the bottom.  Today we also went up to my sister Avry's pool to go swimming.  They have a neighborhood pool that they pay a small HOA for and I so SO wish that we had a pool included in our HOA.  The boys had a fabulous time and were like little fishes.  I'm sure we'll be up there a few more times before the summer was over.  If only she didn't live an hour away.

Chandler getting ready to go swimming.  The little floaty thing is actually supposed to go up much higher.  It's more of a small aid than a life vest and he did really well with it.

Rowan floating in the pool

Chandler jumping in the pool, his face is priceless

I LOOOVE this picture.  I want to hold onto this moment and his little 4 year old face forever.

Hanging out in the shade with my sis.

I was telling him to get down right here...while taking his picture. ;)  He just looked at me like he wasn't doing anything, or that he wouldn't fall. 

Trying to get a peek at what his cousins Sav & Maeli are reading.


Ashley Hancock said...

SUMMER!!! Wahoo! Cute boys!

Avry said...

Love the pics! It was so much fun having you come to the pool!