Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finger Mishap

I said last December that we were fortunate that the boys haven't had too many incidents or accidents. Maybe I spoke too soon? Last week, we got home from a long day at school and the boys were starving for dinner. I was trying to get things together as quickly as I could, and Rowan started pushing our metal folding stool across the floor. The next think I knew he was on the floor and screaming. His 4th finger on his right hand was pinned in between the stool as he had tripped and it had folded on him. From first glance, I wondered if he was going to need stitches. We kept pressure on it for about 20 minutes and it was still bleeding. I decided to take him into the instacare to see what they would do for him.

We waited at the Instacare for 2 hours. 2 hours! Rowan was beyond patient because there were shows on the TV that he was interested in. Once we finally got back, the Instacare Dr. said he wanted to put some stitches in it. This Dr. had the best bedside manner of any Dr. I've ever seen. He was so kind with Rowan, asked him lots of questions, gave him a sucker. The entire time he was numbing him, he was acting silly and doing things to keep Rowan's attention off of the needle. Rowan did awesome once he was all numbed up. He was interacting with this Dr. and was even answering a few questions. We talked a bit about Rowan's delay while there and the Dr. told me he had a 14 year old with Autism so he understands some of the frustrations I'm feeling. The Dr. even carried Rowan out to the car in a blizzard and buckled him in his car seat. Looking back on Rowan's ped visit in January, you wouldn't have thought this was the same child that was patient and cute during an almost 3 hour visit. I can't help but wish that this Instacare doc was a family Dr. I would go to him in a heartbeat.

We are going to get Rowan's stitches out today, but it's healing nicely! Let's hope we keep any accidents on the down low for the next while!

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