Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Like Me

You know how when your kids are born everyone tries to say, "Oh he looks just like you, or he looks just like your husband." ? I've gotten that with both the boys, but I don't think either of them are a spitting image of either of us. However, as the boys get a bit older, I see that one is more like me, and one is more like Marshall.

Chandler is just

  • He's got my terribly dry skin, gets eczema if we don't lotion him down after baths.
  • Today we went to the dentist, and it was confirmed that he has my teeth and my weird oddities. He's had 2 teeth filled, and has a few more cavities forming in between teeth. He's also got a molar that has 3 roots which is somewhat weird. His top teeth are twice as big as the baby ones he has which means that there is going to be some serious crowding. The dentist said there would be braces in his future. Me? I've had like every tooth in my mouth filled, and missing all 4 of my wisdom teeth and a permanent tooth for which I have had an implant.
  • There's a weird bump on the back of Chan's head that I also have.
  • He's got my hazel eyes.
  • Although his hair is short, the texture is coarse, like mine.
  • I catch glimpses of his side profile and I see myself.
  • The middle of my top lip has a lot of shape and is smaller than the bottom. So is Chan's.
  • His fingernail shape, just like mine. (Which I got from my dad.)
  • He's tall and skinny, built just like me.

Rowan is just like.....Marshall

  • Rowan has this crazy soft hair, just like Marsh
  • He's got a pointed head, just like Marsh
  • At the Dentist today, he commented on how great his teeth look and how he has strong enamel. Confession - we don't brush Rowan's teeth as much as we should, and they are perfect. Just like Marshall's.
  • Their ears look a lot alike, from the shape to the detached earlobe.
  • Rowan is also tall and thin, but built a bit more like Marshall. He and Chan have the same measurements around the neck and stomach.
  • He has the LONGEST straight eyelashes, just like Marshall. (I've always teased Marsh about his eyelashes, say they look like horse lashes. Really it's because I like them so much. :) )
  • Rowan's top lip is straight across, just like Marshall's.
  • He does not have Marshall's brown eyes, but hazel like mine. Guess the hazel gene has been dominant.

Their mannerisms have both been learned, and I see a lot of Marshall and me in both of them. Chan is SO imaginative and I know it's due to Marshall. Rowan loves to cuddle, and so do I.
I sure love these boys, and it's fun to see their physical differences and who they are most like.


Janaca said...

Such a darling post Tiff! It's fun to hear about the similarities and differences. Everyone says my boys look just like their daddy, so I have to dig deep to see physical similarities between them and me.

Melody said...

Isn't it fun to see how they grow and develop into their own little selves? Your boys are so handsome! And you look fabulous, by the way!

Jeralee said...

weird, unusual teeth will always come from nielson side. ;-) it is always amazing which traits come through in each child.

Pointy head, made me giggle.

Emilee said...

Tiff, I think it is interesting that you think Rowan looks more like Marshall because I often look at my little guy (Garrett) and see Rowan so I always think to myself that there must be some serious Nielson dominance in these boys.