Monday, August 9, 2010

Office Party

On Saturday, we had an office party for Marshall's work. The company he's currently working for, Speed of Trust (Franklin Covey), he's only been with for about 6 months. I'm pretty sure I didn't blog it before, but for over 4 months Marsh was out of work. His previous boss wasn't the most ethical and the way things went down, we couldn't even claim unemployment when he was let go. Marsh started up a web business, Pivo Web Marketing, and although he was enjoying it, we needed more income to have our needs met. So he went looking for a job and came across Speed of Trust. He was hired essentially to do their e-mail marketing. I think so far it's been a pretty positive experience, and he's just working on earning trust and doing as much as he can. He's working on some sales stuff right now too, which I think he is excited about.

So it was fun to get to meet people that he works with and realize what a blessing his job is. We ate fabulous food, did the limbo (yes, I am the limbo queen), and visited and got to know one another. Marshall whipped out his cotton candy making skills, and the boys loved it.

Rowan at one point was sporting a blue beard. Before it was all said and done, they gave the employees each a gift. I think Marsh and I were both a little shocked to see him unwrap an ipad. 3G and 64G, it's a pretty sweet device. Nice, right? We finished out the afternoon by swimming at the Orem rec center which was across from the park where we had the party.


Janaca said...

How fun! Gosh an ipad, that's so nice!! Jas wants one really bad.

Avry said...

I agree the Ipad sounds nice! mmm cotton candy!