Monday, August 2, 2010


Camping. Oh Camping. I grew up on it. Backpacking, hiking, camping. It seems like it happened a lot. Then I didn't go for quite some time. I started really thinking about it and I realized I didn't really like to get dirty. I felt paranoid about getting eaten by a bear. There was a lot of prep work. Hot/cold. Smell like smoke. Outhouses. The more I thought about it, the more I didn't really get it. Then I thought about nature. It's beautiful, and relaxing. Smores and camp food are fabulous. However, when you have small kids, the nature experience and enjoying camp food are quickly shattered by your two year old who is whining, wandering or just not feeling well. This last weekend, we braved 2 nights up at the Tetons.

Bennett Family Reunion. Marshall's mom used to be a Bennett, so the reunion was her siblings and their families. It's a quite close knit family, and they are all super fun to be around.
We camped right past Driggs, Idaho and got there Friday afternoon. We spent the evening setting up camp, eating, and visiting. Then the rain came. And it came....and came. It rained all night. Wet. That night I didn't sleep too well. Marshall and I slept in two different tents because all we had were teeny tiny ones. I shared a twin sized blow up with Rowan, and Marsh was in the other tent with Chandler. Little people tend to thrash and take up a lot of room, plus the rain was quite loud.

Saturday we had breakfast and then a big group of the adults set out to go on a hike to tablerock. Marshall and I went back and forth if one of us should go or not. There were a lot of kids to leave behind at the camp, and tablerock is easily a 7+ hour hike. We opted to stay and I'm glad we did for the sake of the adults that were there. Imagine 6 kids in the 2 year old range wandering around, and then lots of other kids that were various ages.

Snuggling with gma Snedaker

Sometimes when we were tired of chasing kids, we put them in the car to watch movies. Nice, huh? That's all Rowan wanted to do.

Instead of hiking tablerock, a few of us took some of the older preschool aged kids and older up on a short hike. We were only gone for about an hour, but I think they all had fun.

That night we played games around the fire, ate delicious dutch oven chicken and potatoes, and then turned in.

Sunday morning we packed up camp and took a few group photos.

And here is cute Rowan drinking from the faucet.


Avry said...

So all the parents just left you guys to tend all those kids? for 7 hours? that does not sound like fun. Toddlers are hard to camp with - they don't entertain themselves like older kids do. The rain doesn't sound fun either! You did get some cute pics though!

Bishop Fillmore said...

you guys should stop by some time when you are passing thru.