Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing Together

It's finally gotten to the stage where the boys are starting to play really well together. You know when you find out you are having a 2nd baby and think that you are excited for them to play with their older sibling? We are finally there. (Years later) Of course it's not perfect. Chandler still makes Rowan scream and Rowan hits Chan for no reason, but it's fun to see them interact.

Rowan totally looks up to Chandler, and wants to do and play with whatever Chan is. Chan is awesome about being protective and sticking up for Rowan and sometimes it just makes me melt. Yesterday when we were at the park, they played on the baseball diamond together for quite some time. Chasing each other, discovering together, and just having fun. I love it. Could they be any cuter?


Jeralee said...

Awesome that the two of them are becoming playmates!

When it is good, it is very good, when it is bad, it's very bad. LOL When they are playing well, it makes you swell with price and when they are fighting... well you are ready to get rid of them.

Ave and I played together well when we were younger. Then Jr. High came a long and we didn't always get a long. Then we both grew up and became adults, married with kids, and that bond became closer!

Janaca said...

How fun! I can not wait until that day comes for Jordan and Jackson! They play together a little bit now but I know it will be better in a year or two. Your boys are just too cute!