Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Chan's getting pretty independent in a lot of ways. He's gotten good at getting his own cereal in the morning if I am slow getting out of bed. He rarely spills and puts his dish in the sink when he's done. I think Rowan has been watching him, because today he attempted to do his own. Here's what I found.

Looks like he abandoned the cereal after just a few bites. What's funny is that there is cereal EVERYWHERE, but he didn't spill any milk? Funny boy.


Colleen said...

Oh no!! Looks like rice krispies--the worst!!

Janaca said...

Nice one Rowan! Wow, what a mess. It's amazing what they can do in so little time huh? That's cute that they're trying to be so independent though!

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

LOVE IT:) Amazing how you document so much of your boys.   Brings back memories.