Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meeting Santa

Last week, we went to the mall to see Santa. We got there at about 8:30 and he had left at 8:00. Chandler hung his head low and said, "I'm just SO sad. I wanted to see Santa." He was pretty sad, so imagine how happy he was when he got to see Santa today at our church Christmas breakfast.
When we told him this morning that we were going to see Santa at the church and eat breakfast he said, "You mean like cookies and milk? Wow, I really like Santa." We didn't eat cookies and milk but Chan was a very good boy and ate all of his breakfast so he could see Santa.

Waiting in line

He asked for more Thomas tracks and got a candy cane

Rowan in the car waiting to go

When we got home, I headed for bed to recoup as I worked last night. Marsh woke me up a few hours later with hot chocolate and said that they had been outside making a snowman. He turned out pretty cute!

Although I hate driving in the snow, I love how it feels watching it come down. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Jeralee said...

Awesome! Kids totally make Christmas! Marshall did a great job on the snow man.

Have you done this yet?

That was another fun way for Charlise to see Santa. Not sure exactly how much Moura bought of it, but it is pretty cute.

Avry said...

I love that age when they are so excited and have an imagination. Mine are growing up :( it breaks my heart
I am happy he got to see Santa!

The Bluths said...

Don't you hate when your kids gets so excited about something and then they get disappointed? A similar thing happened last Easter where they put thousands of eggs in the stadium baseball field by our house and the kids get to run down there to do an easter egg hunt. Well Logan was stoked to go, but they canceled it because of the rain (the one day it rained in Arizona!) I felt SO bad for him.