Thursday, December 10, 2009

Playing with Friends

The boys spent the afternoon playing with their friends Carson & Jonas today. They had so much fun and I think it distracted them from the fact that we haven't been outside in forever because it's been so cold.

Yummy santa cupcakes. No I didn't make them, but I think Walmart did a pretty good job. :) I keep complaining to Marsh that none of my pants fit, and I don't think these cupcakes help. I ate 2, or 3...ok so maybe 4.

Boys eating cupcakes

Watching a Santa show! Gotta love our "furniture" It's actually a couple of mattresses Avry gave us. Rowan will use them when we put the boys in bunks probably next summer. Until then, we have no furniture in the basement so we use the mattresses. Chandler also has some crazy rash going on around his mouth. Rowan used to have it but it's getting better. I think some of that is frosting but with the weather changing, he's had such dry skin around his mouth.


Avry said...

2 boys is a lot of work I cannot imagine 4!! looks like they had a lot of fun though.. mmm love cupcakes!

Jason said...

suweet! so you like having four boys??

Sara Birch said...

Thank you so much for taking them! It definitely helped to have some down time to bond with my new baby. I appreciate it soooo much!

Colleen said...

I recognize that "winter mouth". I'm always coming at Beckett with the tube of aqua-phor!!!

Holly Mayer said...

It is so cute seeing those four boys together, what a pack they will make as they get older.