Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marshall's Birthday

Marsh's birthday was on the 7th - 26 years young :)
I packed candy and a card in his lunch and let him know we were coming to get him for lunch. We went to Bajio for lunch and took him balloons. That evening, we went out to dinner to the Olive Garden. After that we came home for cake and ice cream. I think he had a great day! Happy belated Birthday to my tall, dark and handsome man!


Camille said...

Happy birthday Marshall!! 26? Does that mean your 16th b-day was 10 years ago.... yikes. We are getting old!

Matt, Kistine, and Alexa Uffens said...

Happy Birthday Marshall! Tiff, I love your notes on your kids. I need to do that!

Janaca said...

Sounds like he had a good day! That's crazy him and Jas are just a day apart. Who knew?