Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December/January Fun Facts


*Is walking

*Has  a hair fetish.  He will sit and pull and play with my hair, his own, or anyone who is holding him.

*He loves plastic spoons.  He likes to have one in each hand while he is walking around.  If he sees me unloading the dishwasher, he will make a beeline to it and pull out the plastic spoons.

*Is still the most terrible sleeper in the world at almost a year old.  The other night he kept waking up screaming and would not calm down. He's never cried and screamed so much, Marsh and I were both at a loss of what to do. We finally figured out that popsicles seemed to help a little - so I guess it is his teeth hurting him?  We tried teething tablets, tylenol, motrin, and orajel.  I was up most of the night and we even watched Baby Einstein at 2 am for an hour and a half.  After about 2 hours of sporadic sleep I broke down when Marshall was getting ready for work.  He stayed home from work until about 10 so I could get some sleep and cleaned and took care of the boys.  I feel more human now but I dread nighttime with Rowan.

*A few days after this last episode, he cut both his top molars and his bottoms are close behind.  10 teeth in all now.

*He hates the bathtub right now.  Whenever we put him in, he starts freaking out and crying hysterically.  He is really going through some weird phases.

*Started saying Mama!

*Likes to play with cars and trucks and will drive them along the floor, it's so cute to watch.


*Chan is so funny with the things that he says lately.  He was looking through a temple quiet book that I made him and said, "Look it's just so perfect....and beautiful."  

*He still loves Thomas.

*He got Kung Fu Panda for Christmas and loves the show.  He pretends to fight Tai Lung with his swords, and has watched it enough that he will recite lines from the movie.

*He drinks massive amounts of chocolate milk.  He asks for it at every meal.

*Is really good about going to bed.  I really appreciate how he sleeps 12 hours at night and still occasionally takes a nap.

*Loves the new house and does not miss our apartment at all- we went back to our apartment last week to clean and he said, "Oh no!"  and almost started crying.  

*Is doing a better job of sharing with his brother although it is still hard sometimes!

*Really likes to sing :)


Janaca said...

It's was fun to read about your boys. I can't believe how much Rowan has changed just since you've left! It's strange to picture him walking everywhere now. I'm so sorry about him not sleeping! It sounds just terrible and I hope it ends soon.

Camille said...

Cute boys you've got there. It sounds like Chandler is talking up a storm! Good luck with the sleeping!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like both of your little guys are doing great! I feel you on the sleep though, Ella used to be wonderful but recently I am not getting much shut eye at all :(