Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nova's 2nd Birthday

Nova is officially 2 years old and it has been almost a year since I have posted on this blog. I started a new venture though and am daily vlogging our family adventures on our youtube channel here: 


I figured I would try to start posting our adventures here again and write some things down before I forget. At 2 years old:

  •  Nova says over 100 words and is linking 2 words together at a time. 
  • Sleeps through the night. (finally! She started sleeping through the night around 21 months.) 
  • Is still breastfed, usually only once a day. 
  • Says Meow all of the time. You can ask her a question and sometimes she will answer with meow, it's pretty funny. 
  • She has the thickest blonde hair and it is about an inch past her shoulders. It's so pretty and fun to do things with it. 
  • Loves to eat: Taco Soup, black beans, french fries, juice, milk, edamame, popcorn (pop, pop as she calls it), all sorts of fruits and popsicles 
  • I'm unsure of her height and weight right now, we need to make her 2 year appointment! 
  • She loves to take her diaper off and is starting to take a bit of interest in potty training although it might be a bit before we try. 
  • Loves Minnie Mouse 
  • Can count to 10, knows most of her colors and recognizes some letters. 
  •  Likes to sing: twinkle twinkle, little star, abc's, happy and you know it, wake up little bunnies 
  • Hates nursery at church. She has yet to stay in there for the whole 2 hours without having a meltdown. She's very wary of strangers. 
  • Is wearing size 2T clothes and 6 1/2 shoe 
  • Loves her paci 

 We had her 2 year pictures done at fotofly and they turned out so cute! Vlog from her Birthday below as well!



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