Friday, August 29, 2014

Nova at 1 Year

This last year has literally flown by.  I look back at how much the kids have grown and developed and I'm sad that I've let the blog go.  I take a lot of pictures day to day but there are details that I've forgotten as well.  I look at how much of the first year that I have of the boys, especially Rowan on this blog and I realize that I need to change.  It's so fun to look back and remember things that I had completely forgotten. I've set goals for myself to blog at least twice if not more.  I've also got some catching up to do!

Our sweet Nova dolly turned 1 year on the 21st.  I need to take her in for her well baby checkup but Marshall recently switched jobs, so we are on transitional insurance until October so she will have her checkup then.  I think she is close to 21 lbs but I'm not sure how tall she is.  Her weight has slowed down a lot like the boys did and she's starting to get more lean.  She's only gained about 1 lb in the last 3 months.  

Nova started walking when she was 11 months and 1 week old.  She had been taking steps for a few weeks but one day she decided that this was it and she was going to walk!  She's still a bit wobbly, but does really great and is getting the hang of it a month later.  Here's a little clip of the day she she decided she wanted to walk!

She doesn't sleep through the night and I enable her by nursing her a lot at night.  Nights when I'm on call or at work lately, Marshall is able to soothe her and get her back to bed but it takes some time. When I nurse her, she is out again in 5 minutes.  She has been sleeping in her crib since about 8 months.  At 8 months, she started pulling herself up and rocking her rock and play all around.  I tried co-sleeping for a few nights and I just didn't sleep well.  I was so paranoid that I was going to roll over on her so she went to her crib.  We've decided that we are going to try to break the habit of her getting up so much at night so Marshall is going to be getting up with her instead of me. We will see how it goes.

Nova loves food and is especially interested in anything you are eating.  I've definitely been more relaxed and she's had more sweets than the boys did.  She is still nursing on demand.  She usually nurses 3-4 times during the day and then on and off all night.  I've really enjoyed the relationship and plan on nursing her until 2 or maybe until I get pregnant again, we are just going to play it by ear.  Some of her favorite foods include:  peas, edamame, cheese, beans, mangos,  watermelon, pretzels and chicken.  She's not a fan of eggs.  I'm not sure if she doesn't like the texture but every time I try to feed them to her she just throws them on the floor.  She does well with sippy cups, especially the straw cups.  It took my boys quite some time to get the hang of a straw cup and she had it figured out at 8 months.  It was pretty fun to watch.  She likes to walk around with a sippy of water.  She has whole milk occasionally but not like the boys did at this age.  I transitioned the boys to whole milk at this point and since I am still nursing her, I don't see the need to push the milk.

Nova is saying a few words here.  She says wow, mama, dada, nom nom and babbles a lot of other nonsense.  She loves her paci and I don't see her giving it up anytime soon.

She cut her first tooth just before 6 months and she's got 10 teeth now.  4 on top, 4 on bottom and two bottom molars.  She's got two more out on the front bottom that are getting ready to poke through and her top molars are really close to coming through as well.  She does a really good job eating solid foods and working it around.  We weren't in the baby food stage for very long, she just wanted to eat what everyone else was eating.

She has definitely become a mama's girl and prefers me over anyone else.  She loves her daddy but will reach for me whenever she sees me.  I won't lie, it makes me feel good!    Nova loves to play with toys and loves her baby dolls and crawling minnie she got for her birthday.  She also loves ball poppers.  

She's got a nice thick head of hair and it's coming in really evenly which I am excited about.  She's been able to wear pony tails on the top of her head for quite some time and her bangs are in her eyes so we have to keep them clipped back.  She also has a ridiculous wardrobe.  I am constantly buying clothes for her if I find a good deal and it's so fun for me to dress her up in the morning because she looks adorable no matter what!  

She loves to swing and we got a swing for her for the playset outside.  She will swing for a long long time if you let her.  

I just love this girl.  I'm so lucky to be her mom and spend time with her.  I hope she knows how loved she is!!


Avry said...

Love the update! She's so cute

Janaca said...

She is seriously so sweet and cute! Fun update.

Unknown said...

She is so cute! Love her.
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