Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reliving High School Days, The New Car

Back when we were in high school, Marshall got a little 1988 Honda CR-X.  It was a perfect little 2 seater high school car.  Small, got good gas mileage and was dependable.  When he got the car, I think his parents were hoping that it would last a few years since it had a LOT of miles on it.  It made it through Marshall and his 2 younger sisters before they sold it.  I think it had something like 250,000 miles on it by the time they sold it like 7 years later.  Marshall loved that car.  He put a nice stereo system in it and I have lots of memories of riding in it too.

When Honda came out with their CR-Z a few years ago, Marshall was so excited to see that they were making his high school car again.  We talked about it a while back, realizing that it would be a good commuter car.  A few weeks ago, I happened to be on ksl and found a great deal on a 2011 Honda CR-Z.  Our 2004 Honda Accord had 190,000 miles on it and while it was an awesome car, I think we were ready for something with lower miles that got better gas mileage.

Marshall went to test drive the CR-Z and fell in love with it.  It's a hybrid, so it gets about 45 mpg which is SO nice.  It only seats 2 but is the most perfect commuter car, so he traded in our accord for this sporty little CR-Z.  It only has 20,000 miles on it and we've never had a vehicle that new or with that low of miles.  We've learned the hard way which brands of cars we can trust, so we will always buy Toyota and Honda when it comes to cars.  I'll admit it's a fun little car with a lot of awesome features and I think Marshall is just a *little* excited about it.

Best of all, we will be saving over $100 on gas each month which is nice!

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Janaca said...

That is a sweet looking car! How nice to have something so new with that low of miles that gets great gas mileage!!! Nice find.