Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week In Idaho

We went up to Idaho for a week in June.  Marsh was in between jobs so it worked out quite nice.  
Of course there was lots going on.  We went to the circus with Chris & Natalie.  My sisters, mom & I threw a bridal shower for Geoff's fiance' Cheryl..  And little Geoffy got married.  There were lots of other fun things we did along with that, but I was somewhat sporadic at taking pictures.  I ate way too much sugar, drank too much soda, gabbed with my sisters and mom and just had a great time.
Now it's time for pictures...lots of pictures. 

The Circus

Bridal Shower

playing with the cousins
my niece Charlise

Day of the Wedding


Avry said...

It was so much fun! Good pictures :) Man the bags under my eyes are bad!

Jeralee said...

man, you look like mom in that picture of you and Geoff! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Mo said...

Thanks for posting these pictures!